Flight Instruments, Engine Monitoring, Navigation

A unique device with all you need – flight information, engine monitoring and a reliable GPS device to navigate.

  • Flight instruments (Attitude, Altitude, Vario, Air Speed, Ground Speed, AoA, Wind Speed/Direction and other Indicators)
  • Engine monitoring instruments (RPM, CHT, EGT, Fuel level, Oil T/P, OAT, etc.)
  • Navigation (Air Zones, Runways, Flight Plans, Autopilot Integration)
  • Network features (up to 6 units in one cabin)
RENO Formula One Air Race (Aerobatic)

Our Products

Easy-to-use EFIS

5.7″ All-in-One EFIS

Glance EFIS has a 5.7″ bright screen, and has a very reliable navigation system with worldwide air navigation database. Recommended solution for light aircraft.
head-up dispaly for airplane

Head-Up Display

The Head-Up Display is an advanced, high-quality avionics unit that will transform the look of the aircraft’s instrument panel as well as the flying experience for the pilot.
Engine monitoring system for airplanes and helicopters

Engine Monitoring

Glance Engine monitoring system supports wide range of engines such as Rotax, ULPower, CMD, MW-Fly, Lycoming, Continental, Aerovee, BMW both with or without ECU.
engine monitoring sensors


We offer a wide range of additional sensors for your engines. Please send us a technical support request if you are unsure of what kind of sensors you need.

Need an easy-to-use and full-featured EFIS? Look no further!

Glance EFIS is an advanced, high-quality glass avionics unit that will transform the look of the aircraft’s instrument panel as well as the flying experience for the pilot.

Why choose Glance EFIS?

  • Glance EFIS – made by pilots for pilots
  • Rugged construction and attractive appearance
  • An all-in-one unit – no additional modules needed
  • Works perfectly even in aerobatic flight
  • No additional active or external cooling needed
  • The EFIS is cheaper than its competitors
  • Very easy to install
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty

Get Everything You Need in One EFIS!

The 5.7” display provides a clear and concise interface between the pilot and the EFIS, offering easy-to-read text with good contrast and adjustable brightness levels; this gives any cockpit a decluttered and modern looking appearance. The pilot interacts with the EFIS using the three large buttons to the right of the display, these buttons allow the pilot to use the system easily, even during severe turbulence.
flight instruments
The flight information page gives the pilot access to an impressive range of information, the accuracy of which could not be reciprocated by traditional electromechanical instruments.

The display shows everything that the modern day pilot would expect to see in a glass cockpit.

navigation instruments
This gives information about the aircraft’s current position, the current course, the flight plan, target waypoint, the course to the target waypoint and the flying course as well as nearby airspace information such as airspace boundaries, altitudes, and distances.

The EFIS is equipped with internal GPS and GLONASS receivers.

reliable engine monitoring instruments
The internal EMS is adapted to Rotax 912 engines (Oil T/P, 1xCHT, RPM). For non-Rotax engines we can offer an external EMS module, which helps you to monitor up to 9 CHT, and up to 9 EGT.

With the module you can monitor Oil T/P, RPM, OAT, MAT, fuel level, fuel flow rate, fuel pressure, etc.

Users Reviews

Join hundreds happy customers of Glance Avionics
The EFIS is lightweight yet feels solid and of rugged construction, is compact, and has a very attractive appearance!

Also, what is impressive is the different types of engine sensors that this can accommodate. Wiring of the unit is simple and not complex, with most wiring between the unit and the modules via a CAN aerospace data bus. The Glance EFIS system is also highly customizable to individual preferences. The three display pages, flight instruments, navigation, and engine data, is are well presented with the same feel and functionality of a much more expensive unit.

I would highly recommend this unit to anyone thinking of installing a “glass panel” in their amateur/experimental built aircraft.

Glance EFIS is an affordable total instrumentation package, with attractive appearance and all-in-one package. “  

Mark McIntyre review

Mark McIntyre

RENO Air Race Formula One pilot.

Get Glance EFIS 5.7″ MFD today!

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