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Glance EFIS 3 units

The EFIS is intended to provide aircraft main flight parameters, to derive and display navigation information, as well as engine unit parameters. You can use the device as a standalone or as a part of a complex of devices (sensors, actuators, etc.), networked via CANaerospace bus.

Glance EFIS is a very reliable device that makes your flight safe. It has 5.7″ bright screen, big buttons, and large encoder. The EFIS has all instruments you need: the attitude indicator, ASI, VSI, AOA, Nav, EMS, etc. The EFIS is 100% compatible with Rotax engines, so no additional modules needed for Rotax 91x.

Head-Up Display

Glance Head-Up Display

The Head-Up Display is an advanced, high-quality avionics unit that will transform the look of the aircraft’s instrument panel as well as the flying experience for the pilot. The HUD could be installed together with Glance EFIS or as a standalone unit.

External EMS units

External EMS units


Glance Head-Up Display
We offer a wide range of additional sensors for your engines. Please, send us a technical support request if you are not sure what kind of sensors you need.


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