Aircraft course indicator

Aircraft course indicator is located in the upper part of the display above the attitude indicator. It shows the aircraft flight direction and it has a destination waypoint direction mark (white line).

aircraft course indicator

The aircraft turn rate indicator is displayed with a purple line on the analog scale of the course indicator. The end of this line shows the course which the aircraft will follow in 6 seconds keeping the current turn speed.

To the right of the course indicator the information about the destination waypoint is shown:

  • its ICAO index;
  • bearing;
  • distance to the target waypoint;
  • time of arrival (or estimated time en-route, depending on the device settings.
GPS/GLONASS signal status is displayed in the lower right corner of the current course value. Red small corner denotes low signal quality or absence of signal. To get details about the signal quality please go to “GPS/GLONASS status” in the “Navigation” menu of the device settings.

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