Attitude indicator

Glance EFIS is a unique flight information and navigation device with direct and indirect attitude indication.

attitude indicator

The device allows for the configuration of the attitude indicator in a way that’s suitable for the pilot, which significantly reduces piloting errors, especially in emergency and pre-emergency modes such as spin and stall.

The difference between “direct” and “indirect” indication is the way of displaying of the aircraft position relative to the horizon. “Direct” indication implies that the aircraft is fixed, and the horizon tilts. “Indirect” indication implies that the aircraft is moving relative to the horizon fixed on the roll.

A vertical purple line shows declination from the route to the right or to the left. Farthest positions of the line show the route declination of more than 4 km. Cross track error value is displayed in the lower corner of the indicator. To follow the pre-set route a pilot should fly the aircraft so that the central part of the line is strictly vertical without any shift.

G load indicator is displayed in the upper right corner of the attitude indicator when set correspondingly. G load is shown as projection value of gravity on the aircraft vertical axis. G load thresholds are configured in the “Aircraft” menu of the device settings.

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