Avionics for engine monitoring

The avionics allows to connect up to four external EMS units. For details please read the EFIS installation manual.

To configure and use external EMS units select “External” value in “EMS Use” menu item of “EMS Settings” menu.

engine monitoring settings

To set external EMS units ports select “Set external EMS…”, then you will see the list of EMS units available for setting on the screen. Each line from the list contains information about EMS unit including number of physical ports for sensors. To set a unit you should select the corresponding menu item. If the device can’t find EMS units in the CANaerospace network, then “EMS units not found” notification will appear.

ems settings

You can set a parameter via “Third indicator” menu item to be displayed on the third EMS indicator on the flight information screen and the navigation indicator. The first and the second indicators always display barometric pressure and oil temperature.

EMS unit setting

After you select EMS unit, a menu of the selected ports configuration will appear on the display. You need to configure all units in accordance with the connection made (please see the description of EMS unit connector).
There are two types of ports to configure:

  • port – is the logic connection of a physical port with an engine monitoring parameter;
  • counter – gathers and calculates impulses depending on the type of the port configured for the counter (tachometer, fuel level sensor and other).

external ems settings

To configure a port set three parameters from the left to the right – the indicator name, the way of conversion and the physical port name. Then select “Set port” menu item. The result of the operation will be displayed in the bottom of the window.

To switch off the port select the indicator name, then “Reset port” menu item. The result of the operation will be displayed in the bottom of the window.

Attention, in the next firmware versions quantity and names of ports, conversion ways and indicators may be changed. To get updated information please contact Glance Avionics service center.

The following indicator names are available:

  • CHT# –> Cylinder heads temperature of cylinder №#
  • EGT# –> Exhaust gas temperature of cylinder №#
  • ECT –> Engine coolant temperature
  • Oil temp –> Oil temperature
  • Oil press –> Oil pressure
  • Fuel press –> Fuel system pressure
  • MAT –> Intake manifold temperature
  • MAP –> Intake manifold pressure
  • DC voltage –> On-board power system voltage
  • DC current –> On-board power system current
  • Battery charging –> Battery charge indicator
  • Low fuel –> Critical fuel level indicator
  • Low Oil press –> Low oil pressure indicator

The following signal conversion ways are available:

  • Default –> Default way of conversion for physical ports for which you can’t modify the sensor type
    (for example, on-board power system voltage port or intake manifold pressure port)
  • TC_K –> Thermocouple type K
  • TC_ J –> Thermocouple type J
  • Rotax2 –> New type of Rotax pressure sensor
  • Rotax –> Old type of Rotax pressure sensor or Rotax temperature sensor
  • PT100 –> Type PT100 temperature sensor
  • Lycom –> Temperature sensor for Lycoming engines

BMW Temperature sensor for BMW engines

The following names of port inputs are available:

  • Default –> Default physical port for the selected indicator. All indicators except those connected to the thermocouples have only one physical port for connection.
  • ТС # –> Physical port for thermocouple №#
  • Rst 1 –> Resistive port for alternative temperature sensors
Attention, the EFIS and EMS unit performs a preliminary compatibility check of the physical port and the signal conversion way but still you should make sure that the Glance complex is correctly connected and configured.
Attention, if the sensor connected to a physical port does not correspond to the signal conversion way, the EFIS will get incorrect readings from the port.

To set a counter select counter name (port) and set the number of impulse per counter unit of measurement (for example, rpm or fuel rate liters). Then select “Set counter” menu item. EMS unit calculates the number of impulses per unit time for the configured counter to define the required value of engine operating parameter. The result of the operation will be displayed in the bottom of the window.

To enter a greater value of impulse per revolution you need to rotate the ENCODER for some time. Usually, one click of the ENCODER changes the parameter value on 1. To change the parameter value on 1000 or 100 press button [ I ] and [ II ] relatively. The on-screen prompt for the pressed button shall be displayed in blue. Double pressing the button sets the usual step of change equal to 1.

To switch off the counter select the counter name (port) and “Reset counter” menu item then. The result of the operation will be displayed in the bottom of the window.

The following names of counters are available:

  • Engine rpm –> Engine rpm counter
  • Fuel rate –> Fuel rate counter (litres per hour)
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