Avionics – how to operate

The device shows all the information grouped on several screens:

  • flight information screen;
  • navigation display;
  • engine monitoring screen;
  • settings screen and other.
You can switch between flight information screen and navigation display by pressing buttons [ I ] and [ II ] respectively.

avionics devices operation

To open screen menu with additional functions press button [ III ] on any screen. You can switch device operation modes and change settings through the menu and data selection fields and data entry fields.

Glance EFIS menu operations

Double pressing of the button [ III ] shuts up the screen menu. Pressing of the buttons [ I ] and [ II ] switches between the screens.

To switch between the engine information mode and time of flight and flight timers mode on the flight information screen press button [ I ].

device operations

Pressing button [ II ] on the navigation display switches among the engine monitoring indicators mode, flight information mode and flight plan mode.

flight and navigation screens

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