Direct-To navigation mode

Direct-To navigation mode helps to set target waypoint and route to it quickly. When Direct-to mode is switched on, the device builds up a direct route from the aircraft current position to the chosen Direct-to waypoint. While the aircraft is in flight, the EFIS calculates the deviation from the set route, distance to the waypoint, course, and ETA. In Direct-To mode deviation from the set route is calculated regardless of the “Flight plan deviation” item settings of “Navigation” menu.

When in Direct-to mode, a symbol of letter D with an arrow inside is displayed on the next waypoint indicator on the flight plan and the navigation screens.

direct-To navigation mode

To switch on Direct-to mode:

  • 1) Press button [ III ] on the fight information or the navigation screen to open menu;
  • 2) Select “Direct-to” item, then the search screen in air navigation database will open;
  • 3) Select a waypoint in air navigation database (please see “2.3. Searching in air navigation database”).

As a result, the current flight plan will be deleted, the selected waypoint will be set in Direct-to mode and the route to the selected waypoint will be displayed with a purple line on the navigation indicator.

To switch off Direct-to mode, change anyhow your flight plan, for example, you can load previously saved flight plan, then delete or add any waypoint or correct the destination waypoint.

Attention, when you set Direct-to mode for a waypoint from your flight plan, the flight plan will not be deleted. The selected waypoint becomes the destination waypoint.
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