Engine monitoring indicators


The avionics has several indicators of engine monitoring, power supply system, fuel level, and other aircraft systems. The indicators are displayed in the lower part of flight information and navigation screens (EMS small screen). The engine monitoring screen with many indicators (EMS big screen) is available when the external EMS unit is connected.

Engine monitoring indicators


Engine monitoring instruments

For Rotax engines

glass cockpit EFIS Rotax engine monitoring instruments

  • ✓ Internal ports for Rotax sensors: oil pressure and temperature, CHT
  • ✓ Engine RPM
  • ✓ Rotor RPM
  • ✓ Two fuel tanks sensors
  • Engine HOBBS:
  • ✓ Total HOBBS
  • ✓ 4 HOBBS timers


For non-Rotax engines

glass cockpit EFIS non-Rotax engine monitoring instruments

    • ✓ External engine monitroing modules
    • ✓ 2 engines supported
    • Fuel tanks sensors:
    • ✓ Two fuel tanks sensors


  • Engine speed (RPM):
  • ✓ Engine RPM
  • ✓ Rotor RPM
  • Engine HOBBS:
  • ✓ Total HOBBS
  • ✓ 4 HOBBS timers
  • Engine parameters values control:
  • ✓ Engine coolant temperature
  • ✓ Oil temperature
  • ✓ Oil pressure
  • ✓ Fuel pressure
  • ✓ Fuel flow rate
  • ✓ Manifold intake temperature
  • ✓ Manifold air pressure
  • ✓ Cylinder head temperatures (up to 9 cylinders)
  • ✓ Exhaust gas temperatures (up to 9 cylinders)
  • ✓ Battery current
  • ✓ Battery voltage
  • ✓ Alternative warning/battery charging/gears


What sensors can I connect to the external EMS?

Temperature sensors: 1KOhm NTC or 390 Ohm or 10 KOhm, PT-100.

Oil pressure sensor: 0-10 bar, 4-20 mA. or 0-10 bar 0.5-4.5V.

Fuel pressure sensor: 0-1 bar, 4-20 mA. or 0-1 bar 0.5-4.5V. For injector engines: 0-10 bar, 0.5-4.5V

Fuel flow sensor: any sensor with impulse output e.g. Red Cube FT-60.

Fuel level sensors: resistive sensor (any) or capacitance-type 0-5V.

Thermocouples: isolated K or J type (K is better).

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