Engine Monitoring System

Would you like to monitor engine parameters?

It’s easy! Glance EFIS 5.7″ is adapted to Rotax 912 engines (Oil T/P, 1xCHT, RPM). So for Rotax 912 there are no additional modules needed. You will see all engine parameters at the bottom of main and navigation screens.

For non-Rotax engines, we can offer an external engine monitoring modules, which helps you to monitor up to 9 CHT, and up to 9 EGT. The module is intended to enhance Glance EFIS functionality by providing data from engine sensors to the EFIS. The external module is needed for such engines as Lycoming, Continental, Aerovee, BMW, etc. With the unit, you’ll have a third screen in the EFIS that helps you to monitor all engine parameters at a glance.

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With the External EMS units you can monitor:

✓ up to 2 engines parameters
✓ up to two fuel tanks levels

✓ Engine RPM
✓ Rotor RPM

✓ Total HOBBS
✓ 4 HOBBS timers

✓ Engine coolant temperature
✓ Oil temperature
✓ Oil pressure

✓ Fuel pressure
✓ Fuel flow rate
✓ Manifold intake temperature
✓ Manifold air pressure
✓ Cylinder head temperatures (up to 9x)
✓ Exhaust gas temperatures (up to 9x)
✓ Battery current
✓ Battery voltage
✓ Alternative warning/battery charging/gears

Versions of the engine monitoring modules

We have 3 versions of the external EMS units: EMS-6, EMS-18, EMS-CAN.

EMS-6 supports 6 CHT or EGT analog sensors (thermocouples). EMS-18 supports 18. So, for example, EMS-6 is enough for 2 CHT and 2 EGT (4 total) and EMS-18 is needed for 4 CHT and 4 EGT (8 total). You can use EMS-18 to monitor up to 9 CHT and 9 EGT.

EMS-CAN is adapted to engins with an engine control unit (ECU) such as Rotax-912 iS, MW-Fly, ULPower, etc.

Just send us a request for a quote and we’ll offer you the best solution for your engine.
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