General questions

For what kind of aircraft is the EFIS intended?

Where is the company located?


What is the screen size?

How does the screen look in a direct sunshine?

Are fonts big enough?

I'd like to use one Glance EFIS unit as primary flight display and the second one for engine monitoring and backup. Is this possible?

I don't need Engine Monitoring Instruments nor Navigation features. Do you have just the MFD version of the EFIS?

If I bought the Basic EFIS version, is it possible to upgrade the EFIS to the full-featured version later?

Is it the reliable device?


What kind of navigation database do you use?

Do you have a 'moving map'?

Engine monitoring System (EMS)

What kind of engines do you support?

What is the difference between EMS-6 and EMS-18?

I have Lycoming O-320 engine and I'd like to monitor 4xCHT and 4xEGT. What kind of EMS module do I need?

I have Rotax 582 engine. What kind of EMS module do I need?

I have Rotax 912 engine. What kind of EMS module do I need?

What sensors can I connect to the external EMS unit?

How to configure my sensors correctly (for external EMS modules)?

Does the EFIS support multi-engine airplanes?

How many fuel tanks does the EMS support?

Is fuel flow and totalizer available?

Could you supply sensors for my engine?


What should I do in case of any problems with the EFIS?

What about warranty?

Do you have dealers and service centers in the US?


Payment and shipping

How can I pay for the EFIS?

How fast can I get the EFIS?

Pod Hajkem, 406/1a Praha, Czech Republic, EU
Main entrance from Pod Kotlaskou st. Phone: +420 773078426
Website: https://glance-efis.com
Email: info@glance-efis.com

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