Flight display settings

System language, display brightness, and attitude indicator type are set in “Display Settings” menu.

how to change display settings

Menu item Description

Language To set the language of interface. You need to switch over the display mode to enable this setting.
Display brightness To set the display brightness from 1 (dim) to 10 (the brightest).
Attitude indicator style Direct or indirect mapping of the roll.
Show slip/skid indicator To display the slip/skid indicator on the attitude indicator.
G load indicator To display the G load indicator on the attitude indicator.
ND (navigation indicator) view To set the view of the rear-hemisphere on the navigation screen. “Arc 10” value sets about 10° rearview, “Arc 20” – 20° rearview.
Time of arrival The navigation display will show the time of arrival to the next waypoint (ETA) or the time en-route (ETE).
Display start Flight information, navigation screen, or engine monitoring screen is displayed after the device is switched on. If the internal EMS unit is used, flight information screen is displayed instead of the engine screen.

In the EFIS you can use the attitude indicator with direct and indirect mapping of the roll.

Select the mapping of the roll style in the “Attitude Indicator Style” menu item. Direct mapping of the roll corresponds to “Direct” value name – in this case, the horizon on the attitude indicator tilts relative to the fixed plane.

attitude indicator

Indirect mapping corresponds to “Indirect” value name – in this case the airplane icon tilts while the horizon is fixed.

The pitch in both cases is shown the same way.

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