Flight logbook

The EFIS calculates for each flight minimum and maximum speed, altitude and other flight parameters. When the flight is over these values are automatically registered in electronic flight logbook on SD card.

Press button [ III ] on the flight information or the navigation screen to read the flight logbook. Select “Flight logbook” item in the displayed menu and then the flight logbook view screen will open.

how to use flight loogbook

The flight logbook view screen displays up to 30 records of recent flights.

At the top of the screen, the list of flights is displayed with their date, time and duration.

Below the list information about the selected flight is displayed. Names of flight parameters are displayed the same way as they are given on the flight information, navigation screens and EMS screens.

“Current” line relates to the performed flight or between-flights time. After a flight starts and/or ends, this record will be saved with the flight parameters and a new “Current” line will be created.

The device defines the start and the end of a flight automatically. Right after switch-on the device is in the “between-flights” mode. The device turns into “On air” mode when airspeed and ground speed reaches 80% of minimum take-off speed, and the device starts to collect data for the flight logbook. When airspeed and ground speed value decrease up to 5 km/h and variometer value doesn’t exceed 0,3 m/c during 6 seconds of flight, the device registers end of a flight and turns into the “between-flights” mode.

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