Flight planning

Flight planning with the EFIS consists of creating navigation waypoints list. You can save the flight plan on SD card and load it later on. Also you can load your flight plan from a GPX-file. Loaded or created flight plan can be corrected any time and re-saved.

Press button [ III ] on flight information or navigation screen to create, edit or delete flight plans. Select item “Flight plan” in the opened menu, then flight plan editing screen will be available.

how to operate with flight plans

Flight plan editing screen consists of the navigation waypoints list and plans save and load commands which are located at the end of the list. To select an element from the list rotate the ENCODER. Press the ENCODER when a navigation waypoint is selected to open the menu of operations with the selected waypoint (context menu). When a command is selected, press the ENCODER to perform it. Press button [ II ] to switch flight plan mode from displaying index, name, total distance and courses to displaying index, ETE, a distance between the waypoints and courses.

how to use flight plans menu

The context menu has the following commands:
Menu item Description
Information Displays information about the selected waypoint
Fly to Sets the destination waypoint
Add Adds a new waypoint instead of the selected one and shifts down all waypoints starting from the selected one.
Add below Adds a new waypoint below the selected one
Reverse Lists all flight plan waypoints in a reverse order
Replace Replaces the selected waypoint with a new one
Delete Deletes the selected waypoint
Delete all Deletes all waypoints from the flight plan

Adding waypoint to flight plan

To add a waypoint to the flight plan select “Add here” item or “Add below” item from context menu of flight plan or select “Add point” command on the flight plan editing screen. Then you should select the required waypoint from the air navigation database screen the way it is described in “2.3. Searching in air navigation database”. The selected waypoint will be added to your flight plan.
Attention, after the selected waypoint is added to the flight plan, the device uses it further off-line from the air navigation database and the list of user’s waypoints. Update, deletion of air navigation database or adjustment of user’s waypoints does not change the flight plans they are in. It is possible to save and transfer flight plans on other devices, which do not have the waypoints stated in the plans. If there is no flight plan waypoint in air navigation database, it will be impossible to get extended information about it and the device will not display runway direction, radio frequency, and other information.
Attention, current flight plan estimatings do not depend on SD card operation. All route estimating functions will operate if SD card failed or absent and air navigation database is unavailable.
Attention, absence of SD card or its read errors will not allow to save, load flight plans, to get extended information about flight plan waypoints and the device will not display runway direction, radio frequency and other information.

Flight plan saving

To save flight plan select “Save plan” command on flight plan editing screen. Current flight plan will be immediately saved on SD card with the name in the following format
AAAA-####-NNNN, where AAAA is the index of the first waypoint in flight plan, NNNN is the index of the last waypoint in flight plan, #### is the distance of plan (total distance among all waypoints of flight plan consequently) in km.
Flight plan between two waypoints can be saved several times:

◆ If the first and the last flight plan waypoint did not change and distance of plan did not change, repeatedly saved plan will get the same name and replace previously saved plan;
◆ If the contents of the plan changed, its distance also changed. In such case the plan will be saved under a name which differs from the initial name in #### part.

So, you can save various routes between the same waypoints.

Attention, saved flight plans are kept on SD card in directory /glance/fpln as files with .fpl extension. These files can be copied to your computer and passed to other the EFIS users. To use a flight plan created by other pilots, save its file to SD card directory /glance/fpln of your device.
Attention, the saved flight plan file name can be modified except for the extension (.fpl). Russian letters are not allowed.

Flight plan loading

To load a flight plan select “Load plan” command on the flight plan editing screen. List of previously saved flight plans names will be displayed then.

how to load a flight plan

Select a flight plan for loading. Current flight plan will be immediately replaced by the loaded plan. The first waypoint of loaded flight plan will be set as a destination waypoint.

Flight plan import

Flight plan can be imported from a GPX-file. To perform import please select “Import from GPX-file” command on flight plan editing screen. A list of files with .gpx extension will open in root directory of SD card.

Select a file to import. A list of waypoints from GPX-file will be loaded instead of current flight plan. The first waypoint of loaded flight plan will be set as a destination waypoint. You can delete GPX-file from SD card after import.

We recommend to save imported flight plan for its further use. Saved flight plan can be easily loaded and modified any time.

how to import a flight plan

Attention, names of waypoints in imported flight plan can vary from the names in the device air navigation database. All imported waypoints are created as user waypoints without specifying their data in air navigation database.

Flight plan deletion

To delete previously saved flight plan select “Delete” command on the flight plan editing screen. A list of names of previously saved flight plans will be displayed then. Select a flight plan to delete. Selected flight plan will be immediately deleted from your SD card.

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