Flight timers

The EFIS allows you to calculate total flight time and its stages using two user timers (which operate independently of each other and the device mode) and a device operation timer. Timers operate in all device modes when switched on. Timers do not operate when the device is switched off and their values are set equal to 0 when the device is switched on.

To display the timers press button [ I ] on the flight information screen. Multiple pressing button [ I ] switches recurrent display of engine monitoring indicators and flight timers.

flight timers

To operate timers switch their display by pressing button [ I ] once. Timers operated by user are named “Timer 1” and “Timer 2”. Rotate the ENCODER to switch one or the other. Press the ENCODER once to switch on or stop the timer. Long pressing of the ENCODER resets the timer to zero.

Device operation timer is named “Works” and it shows time elapsed from the device switch-on.

Attention, if warning audio signals are turned on in the device settings, then such signals will be produced while timers operation each 30 minutes for device operation timer and each 5 minutes for user timers. Also, green LED will be lighting up each time.
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