Glance EFIS 5.7″ MFD

Glance EFIS 5.7″ MFD (version 105)

Do you need easy-to-use and easy-to-install avionics for your aircraft?

You are in the right place. Glance EFIS is a simple and intuitive MFD. You’ll get only right information at the right time. The clean and simple interface is perfect for any pilot from amateur “Sunday flyers” to professional air racers.

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Avionics for ultralight and experimental airplanes and helicopters

Glance EFIS system architecture

Glance EFIS Full Kit

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how to connect engine with ECU

Glance EFIS EMS-18 and Autopilot Integration

how to connect autopilot to the EFIS


GPS/GLONASS module is included. You can create flight plans, monitor flight zones, airfields, runways, etc. Please note, that the unit has no moving maps. The moving maps are available in Glance EFIS 7″ and 10″.

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Engine monitoring

The basic engine monitoring system for Rotax912 is included. For bigger engines you need to use our EMS18 module. With the unit, you’ll have a third screen in the EFIS that helps you to monitor all engine parameters

engine monitoring for light airplanes

Glance EFIS advantages

Ideal screen size

avionics screen size

Glance EFIS has 5.7″ bright screen. The size is ideal for light aircraft. Usually, it’s quite difficult to install a bigger screen in a front panel.

Perfect Screen Brightness

avionics screen brightness
The screen is bright. It has 600 kd/m brightness and 10 brightness levels.

Reliable Navigation

reliable avia navigation
Glance EFIS has a very reliable navigation system with worldwide air navigation database. You can update it every 28 days ($200 subscription needed) or annually for free.

No External Cooling Needed

no external cooling avionics
No additional active cooling needed.

Rugged Construction

rugged construction avionics
The unit is lightweight yet feels solid and of rugged construction, is compact, and has a very attractive appearance!

Easy Installation

easy-to-install avionics
It’s very easy to install the EFIS. Just take a look at the installation manual.

Reliable EMS

reliable engine monitoring
The EFIS is adapted to Rotax engines. For non-Rotax engines, you have to order an additional external engine monitoring module. It helps you to monitor RPM, oil Temp, Oil Pressure, All (up to 9) cylinders head temp, All (up to 9) exh. temp. Additionally, you can monitor MAT, OAT, fuel level, fuel flow rate, fuel pressure, voltage, current, etc.

The engine monitoring system can work with one or two engines. In a case of multi-engine installation, you’ll require 2 external engine monitoring modules. The EFIS will detect 2 modules and will display engines’ parameters correctly.

In-flight Aerobatic Video

How to Install

how to install avionics
Since 2013 we have served hundreds of users, including many aircraft owners, clubs and pilot schools, all of whom are happy to recommend Glance EFIS avionics.

Many devices are installed into ultralight and experimental aircraft (flex-wing trikes, airplanes, gyrocopters, and helicopters). Thanks to the price and the functionality, the EFIS is a popular glass cockpit solution in Eastern Europe. FMS, EMS, and Navigation make the EFIS an extremely useful tool for pilots.

Outstanding Service and Support

efis warranty
Every Glance EFIS is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the factory. Each Glance EFIS is warranted to be free of defects for the period of THREE YEARS from the date of original purchase.

Should any trouble develop during the three-year period, return the EFIS to one of Glance Avionics Authorized Service Centers and get new one.

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Our 30-day satisfaction guarantees give you the ability to try Glance EFIS 30 days risk-free.

If you are not satisfied with Glance EFIS within 30 days of purchase, return it and we will provide a refund.

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Yes, it’s true! We ship worldwide for free!

It will take 1-2 business days to process your order, regardless of the shipping option selected at checkout. We ship Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays.

EMS and DHL service is available at additional cost.

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