Select “GPS Status…” menu item to check the GPS/GLONASS signal level. Then the screen displays information about the satellites, the signal quality, and the current position.

how to use gps/glonass

The circle shows the available satellites:

  • gray color indicates unused satellites;
  • green – satellites used for positioning.
The signal level from the satellites is displayed below the circle:

  • good signal is marked green;
  • satisfactory signal – yellow;
  • insufficient for use – gray.
Label “GPS Fix” colored in green reports a steady signal and positioning system readiness. If it is red – the signal level is insufficient or the device has not yet reached the required accuracy.

Label “Time” shows that connection with satellites is settled and information about time is correct. If these labels are red, there is no GPS/GLONASS signal.

Attention, when the device is switched on for the first time or after its long downtime or when the device is started in a new geographical location, GPS/GLONASS system may require a long time for satellites searching and positioning.

Label “DOP/HDOP/VDOP” shows the positioning accuracy values (dilution of precision, DOP), horizontal (horizontal dilution of precision, HDOP) and vertical (vertical dilution of precision, VDOP) position. These values are interpreted as follows.

  • 1 (Perfect) –> The highest level of positioning accuracy.
  • 2-3 (Very good) –> Positioning accuracy enough for a highly dynamic system.
  • 4 – 6 (Good) –> Normal positioning accuracy but errors possible while dynamic changes.
  • 7 – 8 (Moderate) –> Unstable positioning.
  • 9 – 20 (Low) –> Positioning impossible or inaccurate.
  • 21 – 99 (Insufficient) –> Positioning impossible.
If the signal quality is moderate or worse when the aircraft is under the open sky, then you need to change the GPS antenna or cable antenna location. Perhaps the antenna is located poorly and satellites signal is blocked by the aircraft structure or the helicopter’s rotor.

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