How to Install

How to Install

how to install avionics
Glance EFIS dimensions

Please take a look at the installation guide if you would like to install it by yourself. It’s easy.

CANAerospace connector

Glance modules (except EFIS) connects to each other by 4-wire cable with PC4-TB connector. This cable provides the power supply and CAN bus for a module.

Extra 330 LX

The EMS unit allows the aircraft avionics complex to get data about the current aircraft engine parameters. EMS big screen and additional indicators are available when the external EMS unit is connected.

Our External EMS units features:

  • 2 engines supported
  • Two fuel tanks sensors supported

Engine speed (RPM)

  • Engine RPM
  • Rotor RPM

Engine HOBBS:

  • Total HOBBS
  • 4 HOBBS timers

Engine parameters:

  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Oil temperaturev
  • Oil pressure
  • Fuel pressure
  • Fuel flow rate
  • Manifold intake temperature
  • Manifold air pressure
  • Cylinder head temperatures (up to 9 cylinders)
  • Exhaust gas temperatures (up to 9 cylinders)
  • Battery current
  • Battery voltage
  • Alternative warning/battery charging/gears

We have 2 versions of the external EMS units: EMS-6 and EMS-18.

EMS-6 supports 6 CHT or EGT sensors. EMS-18 supports 18. So, for example, EMS-6 is enough for 2 CHT and 2 EGT (4 total) and EMS-18 is needed for 4 CHT and 4 EGT (8 total). You can use EMS-18 to monitor up to 9 CHT and 9 EGT.

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