How to use GPS/GLONASS simulation

You can use GPS/GLONASS positioning simulation mode to check air navigation DB and information display on navigation indicator which doesn’t relay to current coordinates, and when GPS/GLONASS unit failed to perform positioning.

Select “GPS/GLONASS simulation” item in “navigation” menu to switch on this mode. While in this mode, the device will display current course in light blue on the flight information and navigation screen and a message «GPS SIM» on the attitude indicator.

how to use gps simulation

Also, the device will not get data from GPS/GLONASS unit and define position. However, the very GPS/GLONASS unit will be still on and searching for satellites and positioning. Switching-off GPS/GLONASS simulation mode will start the EFIS normal operation and current positioning will be performed using real GPS/GLONASS data.

Course change

Press the ENCODER long while in GPS/GLONASS simulation mode to switch on the course set mode. Course indicator is displayed in black on the light blue background on the arc of navigation indicator.

how to change course in gps simulation mode

You can increase or decrease course indicator value rotating the ENCODER. Using this function you can get information what has located any direction from the set position.


“Go to point…” item displays search screen in air navigation DB and sets location as coordinates of the chosen point.

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