How to use the altimeter and vertical speed indicators

An altimeter is located on the right side of the screen and has a vertical analog scale. The digital value of current barometric pressure altimeter is displayed in the middle of the scale on the right, and the units of measurement are displayed under it (for example, m).

altimeter and vertical speed indicator

A variometer is located on the left side of the altimeter scale and has a purple line with a digital value of the current aircraft vertical speed. The line changes its size and direction according to the aircraft vertical speed change.

Attention, units of measurement of the same type are used to denote speed and vertical speed. So, if you set meters as altitude units of measurement, then altitude and vertical speed are displayed in m and m/s, correspondingly. If you set foot, then altitude and vertical speed are displayed in feet and feet per minute, correspondingly.

Base pressure indicator is displayed on the light-blue background below and to the right of altitude indicator. The aircraft altitude value is calculated based on the base pressure. Base pressure is displayed in set units of measurement.

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