Military Avionics

Military Avionics

military avionics efis for mi17 mi17 upgrade modernization

The 10″ EFIS is ideal for military aircraft. Bright screen, navigation (including moving map & terrain), engine monitoring system, flight information system – everything you need to be safe in flight. Military avionics helps you to stay alive. In any situation.

The military avionics has the highest performance, allowing to display the maximum number of indicators on one screen without losing quality and without any delays.

Glance software allows displaying dozens of indicators of airborne systems or special equipment statuses.

military avionics



Military MFD is delivered with a bright screen of 1500 nits, making it one of the brightest screens in the market of flight-navigation systems. Absolutely suitable for jet airplanes and heavy helicopters.

Direct and Indirect attitude indicator

The attitude indicator can work in both direct and indirect indication mode. Stringent tests conducted over many years have shown that the indirect indication is much safer than the direct one.

No external cooling

No additional active cooling needed.

Adaptive indicators

Elements of the interface are displayed on the screen in green color if monitored parameters did not exceed the predefined limits. If the parameter is out of the limit the corresponding indicator turns red. This makes it possible to read indicators more quickly than usual.

Total’ glass cockpit

Up to 4 Glance EFIS devices can be installed in one cabin and joined into one system for flight and navigation information.


The device has the highest performance, allowing you to display the maximum number of indicators on one screen without losing quality and without any delays.

External controls

The device has 22 buttons with a backlight and two encoders, which allows you to quickly and easily change the display modes of information without having to manipulate the system menu of the device.

Advanced navigation system

The navigation system with built-in moving map and terrain provides maximum convenience for professional pilots. The navigation system has the ability to add various functionality, such as an obstacle database by request.

Connection of special equipment

Glance EFIS 210 software allows you to display dozens of indicators of airborne systems and/or special equipment.

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