Navigation display

The EFIS navigation display shows the information about aircraft position, its course and flight plan, air navigation objects nearby and airspace areas. Besides, on the top of the screen airspeed and ground speed indicators, cross track error and other indicators are located.

To switch on the navigation display press button [ II ]. Further pressing button [ II ] show additional flight information parameters and engine monitoring indicators, destination waypoint information and also switch on EMS big screen if external EMS unit is connected.
Navigation instruments

Navigation instruments

  • ✓ Navigation display zooming range
  • ✓ Private/military/civil/abandoned airfields display
  • ✓ Flying course and the course to the target waypoint
  • ✓ Target waypoint short information on navigation display
  • ✓ Airspaces on the navigation display
  • ✓ Airspace boundary intersection (coordinates and distance)
  • ✓ Airspace information (name, altitude etc)
  • ✓ Display the final waypoint runway directions
  • ✓ Magnetic declination shift for runways
  • ✓ Air navigation DB on SD card
  • ✓ Internal GPS receiver
  • ✓ Internal GLONASS receiver
  • ✓ Magnetic declination and true-magnetic course calculation
  • Flying course:
  • ✓ Magnetic course
  • ✓ True course
  • Flight planning:
  • ✓ Waypoint information (rwys, radios etc)
  • ✓ Flight plan waypoints distance calculation
  • ✓ Flight plan waypoints courses calculation
  • ✓ Flight plan cross-track error calculation
  • ✓ Estimated time enroute (and ETA) calculation
  • ✓ Save/load flight plans to/from SD card
  • ✓ Import GPX flight plans
  • ✓ User waypoint management
  • OBS approach:
  • ✓ Cross-track error for OBS approach
  • ✓ OBS approach display guide/pointer
  • External autopilot integration (Trio Avionics)
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