Navigation indicator

Navigation indicator occupies the biggest part of the navigation screen and displays current navigation.

EFIS navigation indicator

Navigation indicator is always geared toward the aircraft course. Compass arc on the top of the indicator shows current course and the nearest course markers.

Aircraft symbol – a yellow triangle – is located in the bottom center of the navigation indicator. Rearward visibility depth can be set in “ND (navigation indicator) view” menu item in “Display” menu.

Navigation indicator zoom is located in the bottom left. Rotation of the ENCODER zooms the image on the display, making the objects closer or farther.

The following objects are displayed on the navigation indicator:

  • flight plan (destination waypoint and itinerary in purple, next waypoints in green);
  • nearest airfields (in grey);
  • restricted airspace (in red);
  • controlled airspace (in blue).
You can set the contents of the information displayed on the navigation indicator in the “Navigation” device menu.
Runway direction in the form of a bold brown dashed line will be displayed for the destination waypoint if you make corresponding settings.

EFIS runways indicator

If OBS mode is on, a direction of approach is displayed for the destination waypoint.

Airspace crossing

For the displayed airspace the device calculates distance, coordinates and time of the aircraft crossing the border of an airspace keeping current speed and course. This information is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Such information is provided to the nearest and the next airspace areas. The device does not define the aircraft location in or out of an airspace, it only calculates a distance to the airspace border crossing point. The pilot should set his aircraft direction himself in order to define the airspace borders correctly.

EFIS airspaces screen

When the device calculates a distance to some airspace, it displays such airspace more bright. Restricted airspace is displayed in light red, controlled airspace – in light blue.

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