Notifications and warnings

If certain device or aircraft operating parameters get beyond the operational range, the corresponding indicator becomes yellow or red.

A yellow indicator shows that the parameter is in the “yellow zone” of high attention, which precedes the critical “red zone” as stated in the device settings.

When any parameter is shown in red it means critical mode of flight or engine unit operation.

The red LED goes on when any parameter is in the red zone. The LED will go on even in case of one-time or short-time violation of the operational range, in this case you should pay attention to the indicators readings.

Besides, if the device is connected to the intercom, a warning signal (beep or voice) will be heard in case of operational range violation.

When one or more sensors fail or give incorrect readings (for example, due to wires breakage or short circuit), red crossed lines will be displayed on a corresponding indicator.

notification and warnings

To avoid breakdowns or accidents you should pay attention to the condition of the aircraft in this case.

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