OBS (Omni-bearing Selector) mode

OBS (Omni-bearing Selector) mode switches off consequent shifting of waypoints and always keeps the destination waypoint active.

When in OBS mode, the course to the destination waypoint of the flight plan is displayed on the navigation screen as a line going through this waypoint. The longer beam pointing the OBS course is displayed in light blue. The shorter beam of a back bearing is displayed in blue.

EFIS OBS mode screen

OBS course value is displayed in light blue on the course indicator on the flight information screen or in light blue on the OBS indicator navigation screen. For OBS course the device calculates cross track error which is displayed on the top of the navigation screen on the XTK indicator, and on the flight information screen, it is displayed as vertical yellow line and a digit value on the attitude indicator.

How to switch OBS mode:

  • 1) Press button [ III ] on the flight information screen or on the navigation screen to open menu;
  • 2) Select “OBS Approach” to set up OBS course;
  • 3) Select the required course in the course setting window by rotating the ENCODER
    (pressing the ENCODER [ I ] adds 45° to the course value and helps to select the required course quickly);
  • 4) Press button [ I ] once to set the course;
  • 5) Press [ II ] to switch off OBS mode;
  • 6) Press [ III ] to cancel selection and close OBS setting window.

how to set OBS approach

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