AO Firma “Club-400”


Club-400 is the avionics development company from Russia. Club-400 supplies GLANCE product line for further modification and customization for certain projects.

Engine manufacturers

cmd engine monitoring

Costruzioni Motori Diesel is a dynamic, goal-oriented engineering enterprise, which offers a complete range of engineering services providing global support to the marine transportation industry in the design, prototyping and development of diesel engines and gasoline advanced technology.

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ULPower engine monitoring

ULPower Aero Engines is a Belgian company which manufactures engines specifically designed for light aircraft/rotorcraft use.

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MWFly engine monitoring

MWfly engines for LSA and experimental applications, B22 and B25 engine family from 100HP up to 155HP.

m14p engine monitoring

Our team has been dedicated to serving our customers in the Yak, Sukhoi, Wilga, CJ-6 and Homebuilt market since 1992. We are unabashedly passionate about providing the best performing, most reliable and powerful M-14P to the marketplace.

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Temper Tantrum Racing

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1st Pilotage Group

1st pilotage group

Pod Hajkem, 406/1a Praha, Czech Republic, EU
Main entrance from Pod Kotlaskou st. Phone: +420 773078426

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