Preflight checklist

How to create a preflight checklist?

The EFIS can display user-created preflight checklist when switched on. We recommend you to precisely transfer checklist available to your aircraft AFM.

The checklist should be created on a computer and saved as a plain text file with the name checklist.txt in the root directory of the SD card.

Checklist file format requirements

  • The file should contain only text in English and/or Russian (UTF-8 encoding). Please, make sure that UTF-8 encoding is used for Russian language text.
  • The file should consist of lines. Length of each line should not exceed 40 characters. Each group of lines corresponds to one item of the pre-flight checklist. Each group is marked with a line starting with @next. Text in this line after @next is ignored and can be considered as a comment.

    how to create a preflight checklist

  • A line starting with @end marks the end of the file and all following characters are ignored.
  • If there is no @end line, all lines will be read until the end of the file.
If there is a checklist.txt file in the SD card root directory, the pre-flight checklist will be automatically loaded and displayed each time the device is switched on before the main screen of the device. To confirm each item of the checklist press button [ I ]. To cancel all checks press button [ III ].

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