Glance EFIS 210V

Glance EFIS 210V

The 10″ EFIS is intended for any aircraft type, from light airplanes to jet airplanes. Bright screen, navigation (including moving map & terrain), engine monitoring system, flight information system – everything you need to be safe in flight.

Main Features

  • Flight instruments
  • Air navigation instruments
  • Engine monitoring and EICAS instruments
  • Monitoring of general aircraft systems

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The 10″ EFIS is intended for any aircraft type, from light airplanes to jet airplanes. Bright screen, navigation (including moving map & terrain), engine monitoring system, flight information system – everything you need to be safe in flight.
RTCA/DO-160G: 4.5.1 A2, 4.5.2 A2, 4.5.4 A2, 4.5.5 P, 4.6.1 F1, 4.6.2 A2, 4.6.3 A2, 5 B, 6.3.1 A, B, B, B
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Glance EFIS 210V is delivered with a bright screen of 1500 nits, making it one of the brightest screens in the market of flight-navigation systems.

Direct and Indirect attitude indicator

The attitude indicator can work in both direct and indirect indication mode. Stringent tests conducted over many years have shown that the indirect indication is much safer than the direct one.

No external cooling

No additional active cooling needed.

Adaptive indicators

Elements of the interface are displayed on the screen in green color if monitored parameters did not exceed the predefined limits. If the parameter is out of the limit the corresponding indicator turns red. This makes it possible to read indicators more quickly than usual.

Total glass cockpit

Up to 6 Glance EFIS devices can be installed in one cabin and joined into one system for flight and navigation information.


The device has the highest performance, allowing you to display the maximum number of indicators on one screen without losing quality and without any delays.

External controls

The device has 22 buttons with a backlight and two encoders, which allows you to quickly and easily change the display modes of information without having to manipulate the system menu of the device.

Advanced navigation system

The navigation system with built-in moving map and terrain provides maximum convenience for both beginners and professional pilots. The navigation system has the ability to add various functionality, such as an obstacle database by request.

Connection of onboard systems

Glance EFIS 210 software allows you to display dozens of indicators of airborne systems, such as readiness/state of ejection seats, the status of oxygen masks and so on.
Screen brightness: 1500 nits
Screen size: 10 inches (vertical layout)
Max speed: 1000 km/h
Max altitude: 16800 m
Max G-load: 7
Power supply: 24..35 V DC
Input current, less than: 1.0 А
Temperature range: -55..+70 °С
IP: IP54
Weight: 1800g
RTCA/DO-160G: 4.5.1 A2, 4.5.2 A2, 4.5.4 A2, 4.5.5 P, 4.6.1 F1, 4.6.2 A2, 4.6.3 A2, 5 B, 6.3.1 A, B, B, B
    General features

  • External battery support
  • Date, time and timezone setup
  • Metric and royal units
  • Pre-flight checklists
  • Voice announcements
  • Vertical setup
  • Flight logbook
  • Internal flight data recording (by request)
  • Glance Head-Up Display Integration (by request)
  • Video signal input (by request)
  • Picture-in-picture for video input (by request)
  • Helicopter/autogyro support
  • Flight instruments

  • Airspeed
  • V-speeds references
  • True airspeed
  • Barometric altitude
  • Vertical speed
  • Attitude indicator (by request)
  • Direct indication
  • Indirect indication (outside-in, Russian style)
  • Angle of attack
  • G-load indicator
  • Slip/skid indicator
  • Wind direction and speed
  • Outside air temperature
  • Air navigation features

  • Internal GPS receiver
  • Internal GLONASS receiver
  • Aircraft coordinates calculation
  • Ground speed
  • Magnetic declination and true/magnetic course calculation
  • Flying course (true and magnetic)
  • Moving map
  • Terrain display
  • Navigation indicator (by request)
  • Track up mode
  • North up mode
  • Track prediction
  • Rate of turn
  • Flight planning
  • Waypoint information (runways, communications etc)
  • Flight plan waypoints distance calculation
  • Flight plan waypoints courses calculation
  • Estimated time enroute (and ETA) calculation
  • Display runway directions
  • Save/load flight plans to/from SD card
  • User waypoint management
  • OBS approach (by request)
  • Vertical navigation (VNAV) (by request)
  • Flight plan minimum safe altitude/Terrain profile
  • Course deviation indicator
  • Airspace boundary intersection (coordinates and distance)
  • Airspace information (name, altitude, control center communications etc)
  • Obstacles (by request)
  • Engine Monitoring System (external EMS module needed)

  • Fuel tanks sensors
  • Fuel pods supported (by request)
  • Engine speed (2 RPMs, high and low-pressure turbines)
  • Throttle position
  • Rotor RPM
  • 4 HOBBS timers
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Oil temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil pressure alarm event (by request)
  • Fuel pressure
  • Fuel pressure alarm event (by request)
  • Fuel temperature
  • Fuel flow rate and fuel usage
  • Manifold intake temperature
  • Manifold air pressure
  • Cylinder head temperature
  • Exhaust gas temperature
  • Battery current
  • Battery voltage
  • Generator failure alarm event
  • Battery temperature alarm event
  • Ground power status (by request)
  • Engine vibration (by request)
  • Engine control (start, stop) (by request)
  • Engine overheating alarm events (by request)
  • Engine fuel filter alarm event (by request)
  • Fuel critical level alarm event (by request)
  • Fuel low-pressure alarm event (by request)
  • Fuel pump failure alarm event (by request)
  • Fuel fire valve status (by request)
  • Fuel pods low-pressure alarm event (by request)
  • Gears (left/right/center) up and down (by request)
  • Weight on wheel (center) (by request)
  • Wheel brakes hydraulic pressure (by request)
  • Airspeed too low/high alarm events (by request)
  • Speed brakes (by request)
  • Aircraft stick control position (by request)
  • Flaps position (by request)
  • Lateral/longitudinal trim position (by request)
  • Hydraulic systems (3 circuits) (pressure, temperature, level) (by request)
  • Hydraulic systems alarm events (by request)
  • Air conditioning system status (by request)
  • Cabin altitude/pressurization (by request)
  • Cabin altitude alarm event (by request)
  • Hazardous pilot mask pressure alarm event (by request)
  • Anti-ice system status (by request)
  • Fire extinguisher system status (engine, airborne auxiliary power) (by request)
  • Canopy position (by request)
  • Network features

  • Up to 6 displays in one cabin
  • Flight plan and user waypoints synchronization
  • Up to 3 AHRS (full redundancy)
  • Up to 4 engine monitoring modules
  • Glance Flight Data Recorder integration
  • Radio-altimeter integration
  • Autopilot integration (lateral & VNAV)
  • Bridge to various interfaces (RS232, RS422, ARINC429, MIL-STD-1553, CAN) (by request)

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