Oil temperature sensor

Oil temperature sensor

35.00 (42.35 inc. VAT if applicable)

An oil temperature sensor, suitable for wide range of engines.


The oil temperature sensors are simple, affordable and reliable. Just connect it to the corresponding pin of the EMS18 module.

  • Thread Size: PT 1/8
  • Number of connectors: 1
  • Spanner Size: 12
  • Colour Coding: Yellow
Rotax 912, 582

Lycoming O-320, O-340, O-360, O-360-TIO-EXP, O-390, O-435, O-460, O-540

Continental O-200, O-300, O-360

Jabiru 1600, 2200, 3300, 5100

M-14P (adapter needed)

AeroVee 2180

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