Mark McIntyre, Canada

Review date: September, 2016

The unit is lightweight yet feels solid and of rugged construction, compact, and has a very attractive appearance!

Also what is impressive is the different types of engine sensors that this can accommodate. Wiring of the unit is simple and not complex with most wiring between the unit and the modules via a CAN aerospace data bus. The Glance EFIS system is also highly customizable to individual preferences.

The three display pages, flight instruments, navigation, and engine data is well presented with the same feel and functionality of a much more expensive unit.

I would highly recommend this unit to anyone thinking of installing a “glass panel” in their amateur/experimental built aircraft.

Glance EFIS is an affordable total instrumentation package, with an attractive appearance and all in one package.

Claudio Moreno, USA

Review date: July, 2016

I’ve been using Glance EFIS since 2014 and I have to say that it’s a very reliable and useful tool. I have a full-featured version with navigation and EMS and it works perfectly in any weather conditions such as sun, clouds, rain, heat, and snow. It starts immediately without any delays and has a very bright contrast display.

I was a little scared about the EFIS and the first winter. It was about -20 degrees C here, but everything was perfect. I fly almost every weekend and I definitely recommend Glance EFIS for everyone – you will never regret it.

Karl Clark, Germany

Review date: March, 2015

Hi Nick. Yep, I’d be happy to send you a short feedback about Glance EFIS. I am completely satisfied with the unit, so please feel free to post my recommendation on your website! The EFIS is great, I’ve been using it since March 2015 – there are no issues at all. Moreover, I got a free software update in 2016, so I’m absolutely a happy customer. Thank you.

Sam J. Bird, Spain

Review date: August, 2016

Hi, we got the EFIS in April 2016 for our aerobatic Yak-52. The EFIS works as expected and I’m very happy to use it in our everyday flights. The built-in Flight Recorder feature is very useful for us. FMS is also great. I don’t actually look at the attitude indicator in aerobatic flight, but the engine monitoring instrument is very reliable and informative. Thank you for the unit!

Andrew K, Russia

Review date: September, 2016

Dear Nick, I installed Glance EFIS about month ago and I’m not sure if my review will be very useful, but the first glance is 100% positive. I made a long 500 km trip last week and I must tell you that I’m 100% satisfied with the navigation system features (OBS-approach works perfectly). It was very comfortable to navigate with Glance EFIS.

I have no EMS feature, but, as I told you, I really do want to upgrade the EFIS next spring.

Thank you and please send my greetings to Michel to help me to install the EFIS into my SkyRanger.

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