Rotax 912 and EMU 9iS solution

Rotax 912 and EMU 9iS solution

RS Aerotech of Nassau/Bahamas and Glance Avionics of Prague, Czech Republic announced the immediate availability of the Glance EMS-18M interface for the EMU 9iS.

The EMS-18M allows to connect any of the carbureted 4 cylinder Rotax aero engines to the Engine Management Unit (EMU) originally designed exclusively for the fuel injected Rotax series iS engines. The signals from the standard Rotax sensor for the 912S/ULS or 914 engine are converted by the EMS-18M into the CANaerospace data bus information, and can thus be processed by the EMU. In addition to the standard Rotax sensors, the EMS-18M also supports 4 CHT sensors and a throttle position sensor. The EMU uses all this information to display it on screen and store it on SD card together with GPS information, fuel pressure and throttle position. Corresponding EMU software upgrades are available for the Rotax 912S/ULS and the 914, and may simply be downloaded form the RS Aerotech website.

The integration of the 912S/ULS and 914 engine data with the EMS is seamless and makes the outstanding display concept and the associated situational awareness of the proven EMU available for all Rotax pilots. The automatic monitoring of engine health and performance data enhances flight safety and allows quick analysis by Rotax Service Centers.

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